Keeping your home clean and tidy

Person cleaning stove top

Cleaning tips

Regular cleaning helps keep your home healthy and a nice environment to live in. Here are some cleaning tips.


Maintaining grounds

Tenants are responsible for maintaining the grounds and gardens and making sure they are free of rubbish. Here are some tips.

Parking sign

Parking do's and don'ts

Make sure you and any visitors to your home park cars where you are supposed to, so you don't annoy neighbours. Here are some parking do's and don'ts.

Keeping warm and reducing your power bill

Heat pump

Heat pump tips

Check out some tips for getting the most out of your heat pump, by choosing the right settings and running it effectively. You can see the tips here.

Cleaning heat pumps

Watch this video to see how to clean your heat pump filter, to ensure it runs efficiently. Click on the arrow above.

Light bulb

Power saving tips

There are some simple things you can do to save power and reduce your power bill. You can see some handy tips here.

Staying safe in your home

Pot on stove

Fire safety tips

The last thing you want is a fire in your home. Here are some tips for preventing fires.

Smoke alarm

Smoke alarm tips

Here are some tips for your smoke alarms -what to do if you want to test an alarm or have a problem with it.