Business sponsorship

Businesses can support us to build more homes by donating money, land, services or products, or by sponsoring part of a housing development. Typically a development consists of 4-10 homes.


We can acknowledge your support through our website, e-newsletter and plaques at developments.


Some sponsorship options include:

  • A solar panel system for a home, costing around $7000-$8000
  • An electric vehicle charging point for a housing development 
  • Trees for a housing development.

Please get in touch to discuss how you would like to get involved: email our director or phone 0800 266 325.

Why get involved?

The well-being of our economy and our community depends on people having secure, warm, dry and affordable homes to live in. 


Our homes are good for people's health, because they are warm, dry and energy-efficient. This benefits the community as a whole too, by reducing respiratory illnesses and demand on health services.


Our homes give people stability and peace of mind too, because they know they can live in them long-term. This makes it easier for them to stay in work and school and participate in the local community.

How are our housing developments funded?

We fund our housing developments through a combination of charitable grants, mortgages, government rent subsidies, donations and other contributions.